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Combined and modifies files for software development
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DataEase is a professional app that allows you to develop applications. There is a new class of functions, called the Memo Class which manipulates Memo fields in every and any way possible. You can add to them, chop them up, save them to file, read from file, print them... With this new class you can do any kind of data manipulation possible.

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rating Mick O'Connor
The comments are very encouraging.
I used DataEase for DOS and I also brought in a copy of XDOS and ported it to make DataEase for UNIX.
I ported a whole HRMS application package to a Sun Microsystems Solaris box, plugged it into a corporate ethernet circuit and flew to a remote business office and ran demonstration seminars from 2000klm away on the private WAN.
Unquestionably the very best RDBMS developer available, even to this day really , due to the astounding technical capabilities and the amazing adherence to the original RDMS Rule Set published by IBM R&D Researcher EF CODD in the late 1970s which remain expanded and available today.
His book on the subject "E. F. Codd and Relational Theory," is still available at Amazon Kindle and probably elsewhere.
DE could interface (with supplied extra cost code) to almost any of the IBM environments and also Oracle and variants of Unix and Xenix and direct DB Connectivity via ODBCII.
To a skilled analyst/designer with a good knowledge of RDMS rules and processes in systems design , the development of relatively simple business applications were more competent and yet sophisticated and completed in hours and not the then regular elapsed time of days and weeks and this was , in that time , proven repeatedly at internationally run competitive application development contests.
It fell over when the massive legacy of client user application databases installed worldwide were not going to be able be ported to the DataEase for Windows and a fight broke out among the sales vs developments teams within the businesses doing the development of the DE for Windows in the day. Sales wanted the legacy application to port and Development said it could not be done.
Large chunks of the DE For Windows were ported and recoded to suit functionality for the then new MS SQL "Enterprise Developer" which was an original name from within the DE development community of the day.

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It an excellant db software

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rating Angelo
Bad graphics and a lot of confusion.

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Mick O'Connor
Angelo, you need glasses and an understanding that the comment of Abdulaziz above far outweigh and grossly supersede your immaturity on this.

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